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Reasons How a Book

Can Benefit You

1. It is an extra stream of income. Whether you’re selling at a speaking engagement or on Amazon, a book can add an extra stream of income to your platform.

2. It is an extension of your legacy. Your book will be here even after you have left this realm. It’s something you can leave your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren after you’ve passed on.

3. A book is a great way to document your content. Audiences love when experts have content available for them to take home. This way, your following can access your content whenever they wish.

4. Is there someone who would benefit from licensing your content? Banks, insurance agencies, schools, and universities all use books and courses during their training sessions. Maybe you’re an expert in sales. Try licensing your content to an insurance agency. Perhaps you’re an expert in customer service. Maybe a corporation could use your content in their training program.

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