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Sales Strategies

1. Return on Investment Strategy
Show your potential client how they can turn a profit after making the investment. Opportunity lies in the investment. For example, a course can become a licensing opportunity with a major corporation. A book can become a part of a school’s curriculum, in return bringing in long-term revenue. A backyard garden investment is the perfect opportunity to save on groceries and possibly provide crops to sell. Each example given shows how the investment was turned into a profitable opportunity.

2. Corporate Contract Strategy
Which corporations can use your services? Large institutions like banks, insurance agencies, schools, and universities are great alternatives when trying to sell your products/services. Maybe you could use more speaking engagements. Perhaps you have a course that details your expertise. You may even have an excellent product rather than a service. If you are an expert in the area of sales, could a bank use your services? If you sell amazing chicken and fish dinners, would staff at an insurance agency appreciate your meals at lunchtime?

3. Upsell Strategy
This strategy entails upselling a past or existing client on a product or service. Maybe you did a website for a client and now they need to purchase your maintenance package. Maybe the customers who purchase your fruits and vegetables daily would be interested in your Done For You Backyard Gardening package. Find a way to upsell your current packages.

4. Referral Strategy

The quality of what you produce usually determines the volume of referrals you’ll receive. Ask your past and existing clients to forward your website, card, and content within their network.

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