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Purpose: Discovering the Currency God Gave You 
There are times when we feel as though God has abandoned us. Some of us may have lost our jobs or are simply struggling to make ends meet. In this presentation, I’ll show you how I explored the gifts, talents, and skills God placed within me before sending me to this realm. These are God’s way of ensuring that you’ll not only survive but thrive. I’ll show you exactly how you can explore your earning potential by discovering the currency God gave you.
Health: The Power of the Immune System 
I was devastated when I was told I had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. However, God showed me the power of the immune system, and those cells were eradicated within a year. In this presentation, I’ll share with you the power of a healthy diet paired with exercise and extremely powerful supplements that increase Natural Killer cell activity, T-cells, and macrophage response. I’ll share with you which supplements effectively arm your immune system, allowing it to rise up, go to war, and WIN!
Publishing: How to Self Publish Your Book
Publishing a book is an excellent way to extend your legacy and add to your empire. It not only gives you an additional stream of income but also increases your reach. Whether you write for fun or want to share your knowledge with a hungry audience, this self-publishing course is perfect for those who would love to write and publish a best-seller. In this presentation, I’ll share how you can birth a book of exceptional quality that will draw your readers in from beginning to end.


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