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4 Ways Writers Can Expand

Writing a book is a fulfilling experience for an author, but it's also a business, and like any business, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. In this article, we will explore various ways an author can make money from their work.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing involves a publisher paying an author an advance on royalties to publish their work. The publisher takes on the cost of editing, designing, printing, and distributing the book, and the author receives a percentage of the profits in the form of royalties. The amount an author receives depends on the terms of the publishing contract.

To get traditionally published, an author must first write a book proposal or manuscript and pitch it to a literary agent or a publisher directly. It can be a long and challenging process, but traditional publishing remains a great way for an author to make money from their work.


Self-publishing has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to the rise of digital publishing platforms like Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Barnes & Noble's Nook Press. Self-publishing allows authors to retain control over their work and receive a higher percentage of the profits, but they must bear the cost of editing, designing, printing, and distributing the book themselves.

Authors who self-publish can make money from their work by selling copies on online marketplaces like Amazon, Kobo, and Apple Books. They can also sell physical copies through print-on-demand services like IngramSpark and CreateSpace.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing involves writing articles, blog posts, and other content for clients who pay for the work. Freelance writing can be an excellent source of income for authors who are looking to supplement their book sales.

To become a freelance writer, an author can build a portfolio of work and pitch their services to potential clients through platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Public Speaking

Authors can make money by speaking at events, conferences, and other public gatherings. Speaking fees can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the event's size, the author's expertise, and the topic of the talk.

To get speaking engagements, authors can reach out to event organizers, build a strong online presence, and network with other authors and professionals in their field.


Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to receive recurring payments from their supporters. Authors can use Patreon to build a community of readers who pay a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content, early access to new work, and other perks.


Authors can make money by selling merchandise related to their work, such as t-shirts, mugs, and other items featuring quotes, book covers, and other designs. They can also sell autographed copies of their books, bookmarks, and other items on their website or through online marketplaces like Etsy.

In conclusion, making money as an author requires creativity, persistence, and hard work. By exploring different income streams like traditional publishing, self-publishing, freelance writing, public speaking, Patreon, and merchandise, authors can build a sustainable income from their work and turn their passion into a successful career.


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