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Dancing Across Continents: VIRTUE’s Virtual Voyage to South Africa

Nassau, Bahamas — 03/24/2024 — VIRTUE Dance Academy, a Christian dance school renowned for its commitment to producing bible-based artistry, is proud to announce its first digital performance Cross before Crown set to captivate audiences in South Africa on Good Friday, March 29th, 2024. In a bold move transcending geographical boundaries, the highly esteemed Bahamian dance company will showcase its talent on an international stage like never before.

The school has seamlessly transitioned its vibrant choreography and dynamic energy into a virtual realm, allowing the South African community to witness the captivation of its hit show, which originally debuted in April 2023.

The upcoming virtual presentation marks a shifting of gears and a significant milestone for VIRTUE Dance Academy as it takes its artistic excellence in performance beyond Bahamian shores to South Africa. The Christian show promises to ignite the screens and hearts of viewers across continents through the universal language of dance.

Canadian-based Bahamian Evangelist Deta Miller was inspired to facilitate the performance as a part of her next South African missionary trip. Her plans include an altar call at the end of the showing on youth night.

The digital feature will highlight a diverse assortment of performances in drama and dance styles ranging from ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, acro, popular and liturgical.

“We’re going to set up a date to show the video and rent the necessary equipment so that we have the high quality production. We don’t want anything to take away from the production so that it is done in excellence,”

The South African audience can expect an array of costumes and a visual spectacle while exploring the spiritual themes behind the music, dramatization and dances.

“This is so exciting and I see the vision coming forth,” Miller said.

Having achieved over twenty-five years of excellence in performance, VIRTUE’s founder Professor Marilyn T. Deveaux admits she did not see this on the horizon.

“I had no idea this was one of the plans God had in mind,” she said.

Deveaux shared some exclusive insights and extraordinary details behind the forthcoming series.

 “For our twenty-sixth year in April 2023 we unveiled the Pointed Heavenward (pH) theatrical series.  Dance and dance shoes are indicated in the word pointed and through the word heavenward, we are directing the audience to the throne room for relevant solutions to today’s issues and challenges. Even the abbreviation is poignant, denoting the perfect pH balance which the Body of Christ needs to maintain optimal spiritual health,” she said.

She reflected on their previous series that was also a great success.

“During our first twenty-five years we debuted and encored some seven episodes in our original Dance of the Scrolls (DOTS) theatrical series that were based on seven actual biblical stories and characters,” she said.

In the past, while conventional dance schools highlighted classic productions such as Giselle and Cinderella, VIRTUE Dance Academy featured biblical themes like Esther, Ruth, and even Gomer — a prostitute who married the prophet Hosea — a reflection of God’s never ending love for Israel as depicted in the book of Hosea. It was in year twenty-six when the winds of change turned the pages of her script in the direction of more contemporary narratives.  

“God inspired the shift in VIRTUE’s theatrical output towards a new series highlighting modern issues but still applying biblical themes.”

She shared exactly when the change took place for her.

"In early 2023 while drafting and choreographing the script and dances for the first pH episode, I saw something amazing happening. Yes the presentation was touching on some fresh and relevant modern issues, but my how impactful was the gospel to that very contemporary theme. It proves that the Bible is indeed a book to fit all ages – ages of people and ages of times and dispensations. Cross before Crown addresses the modern obsession with seeking self-promotion, fame and viral-mania.  It is a message that God — having opened up this massive opportunity this year — apparently wants addressed in South Africa and we are beyond honored to be among the first to be so used by God to deliver this message digitally via theatrical dance.”


Deveaux’s expectations for the trip exceeds beyond entertaining the South African community.

“The local South African believers and Evangelist Deta Miller have sown and watered powerful seeds. On this mission trip, VIRTUE’s Cross before Crown will also contribute to nurturing. It is my prayer God will bring forth a harvest of saved souls, rededication, and glorification to His name forever!”

By embracing this opportunity, VIRTUE Dance Academy breaks down multiple barriers by taking the transformative power of storytelling and dance beyond the four walls. This performance represents their commitment to a fusion of innovation and collaboration when spreading the gospel of Christ, with the unified goal of winning souls for the Kingdom of God.



For more information about VIRTUE Dance Academy and its upcoming virtual performance in South Africa, contact Professor Marilyn T. Deveaux.

Contact: [Professor Marilyn T. Deveaux] [] [242-449-6703] [Darfield Plaza, Madeira Street]

About VIRTUE Dance Academy: Following the words of Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:19-20, VIRTUE Dance Academy strives to boldly inspire and promote ambassadorship for the Kingdom of Heaven through the universal language of dance. With a passion for sharing a fusion of bible-based themes with contemporary issues and artistic excellence, the school offers a diverse range of dance styles, skills, and ambassador training programs for students and young adults.  Having authored its very own ballet curriculum, various multimedia products and certification programs for dancers and dance teachers, VIRTUE Dance Academy is a leading school for dance education, resources and performance in The Bahamas.






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