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Dinetia Dean's Journey from Big Dreams to TV Screens

To relentlessly pursue one’s dream is a journey of boldness and adventure. At the helm sits courage constantly pressing on despite the odds. Few dare to take on their dreams, but occasionally, someone emerges whose dedication is willing to shake failure to its core. Actress Dinetia Dean is one of the few who has determined that reward far outweighs the challenge. Today, she stands proudly having worked alongside renowned studios like LMN, Tyler Perry Studios, and Sony Films, solidifying her place in the realm of acting. With a deep passion for storytelling, she embarked on a path that would test her resilience, determination, and dedicated belief in her craft.

"I'm a storyteller, and that's how I make an impact. This is something I would do whether I'm getting paid or not. It's a passion of mine, something that excites me and that I genuinely love doing. There are numerous beautiful aspects to realizing that this is my passion and being able to pursue a career in it."

Dean realizes the true value of perseverance as this was her dream from a young age.

"I always knew that I wanted to work in entertainment, and for a long time while growing up, I thought my entry point would be music. So, I started writing and singing at an early age. However, I was also involved in dance as a child, and opportunities in theatre came a bit later during high school. Then, when I went off to college, I went full throttle and pursued a degree in film and television production which also included being actively involved in theatre. So, I always had the understanding that I wanted to perform in some way, shape, or form, and acting felt very natural to me. It became a natural transition from my background in music."

Having moved from the Bahamas to Los Angeles, Dean’s journey was a challenging one with lots of uncertain moments, however, she was able to overcome most challenges strategically.

"I moved away from home without a concrete plan at that moment. I had planned to move a little later, but when I did, it was more of a spontaneous decision. Adjusting to life in Los Angeles, United States, was challenging. I ended up staying on my friend's couch for over a year while I figured everything out. I had to find the right classes for me, discover my tribe, and start working on small projects that eventually led to bigger ones. There were many challenges during that phase, and even now I still face obstacles. Starting out is the most difficult, especially when you're just getting started. Moving to a new country without a strong support system has been challenging, but I don't regret it, and I would do it all over again if I had to."

She shares that her most helpful resources have been training and networking.

"Every class I've ever taken has been helpful. I truly believe that training is incredibly important. It's important to refine your craft, regardless of how natural you think you are. I've taken several classes and studied theatre in college. Nowadays, I engage in one-on-one coaching for many of the auditions I go in for. Training is crucial. And even beyond that, I think making time to connect with your community, the acting community, is essential. It helps to have allies in this industry. When you are open and receptive to forming friendships and relationships with like-minded individuals who are on the same path, on the same journey, it's truly amazing."

Toning her skills, sharpening her knowledge, and practicing her techniques landed her a role in a recent major motion picture by Sony Films, Big George Foreman.

"The George Foreman movie was such a wonderful experience. Working with George Tillman Jr., the director, was surreal because he is an accomplished and highly respected director who has directed many of the films I grew up watching. Receiving direction from him in a Sony film of this magnitude was reassuring for me. The role I played wasn't a leading role, but being chosen to be a part of a project of that scale was an amazing experience. Showing up on set and being a part of such an important story, inspired by George Foreman's awe-inspiring life, was incredible. It's a faith-filled picture that I believe many people will resonate with. I also had the chance to meet the legend himself! These are the moments I cherish, and there are no words to describe them! It was a beautiful experience, and working with the other notable actors and crew was amazing. Everyone was so accommodating and lovely to work with! I hope I get to experience more projects that make me feel the way working on Big George Foreman did. It was truly an incredible experience, and I hope everyone gets a chance to see the movie."

A determined force, she shares that she has lots of anticipation in her pipeline.

"Currently, my focus is on building my team. It takes a small village to grow and succeed in this career, and you need to have a strong team beside you to enhance and empower your journey. So, I'm very mindful of whom I work with, and I'm excited about the team members I'm putting together. Apart from that, I'm focused on booking the next job. Auditions don't stop. I'm getting ready to head to Canada to work on a new television series. So, for most actors, it's an ongoing process of building until we secure the next job. At the moment, I'm dedicated to that and working on my own project, which is still in the pre-development phase. As we progress into development, I eagerly anticipate sharing more details about it."

Dean plans to continue to showcase her talent long-term.

"In the next five years, I would like to have booked a leading role in a major motion picture or my first series regular role, for sure. But more than the actual accomplishment, what I really want is to feel that I have made progress in some way, shape, or form. I want to feel fulfilled by what I have achieved from now until then. It's all about having that feeling of fulfillment because it would confirm that I have accomplished what I set out to do. Also, there are specific names I would love to have worked with as well, like Zoe Saldana and Viola Davis. It would be nice to be able to say that I have accomplished that within the next five years."

Her execution and journey are excellent examples for the upcoming generation.

"The advice I would give is to stay true to yourself. Never lose sight of your integrity and morals, and believe in yourself because if you don't, no one else will. You must be willing and able to take a leap of faith, even when doubt arises and you face rejection, which every actor has experienced countless times. For every 'yes,' there have probably been hundreds of 'no's. It's important to be okay with rejection and not internalize it as a personal flaw or a sign that something is wrong with you or your work. Many factors contribute to booking a role, and talent is just a small part of it. So, don't internalize the 'no's. Fully believe in yourself, knowing that if acting is your true passion and you have confidence in your abilities, you can envision a future beyond your current circumstances. That mindset will take you a long way.

You need to establish your game plan and work on it every single day. Every day, take actions that bring you closer to your goal. Whether it's producing your own content, practicing regularly, reading scripts, or whatever works for you, stay committed and diligent on this path."

Dean stepped out of her comfort zone, venturing into the realm of the unknown. She became an adventurer, employing strategy and persistence on her journey. This path belongs to the achievers, the dedicated hard workers who remain undeterred by rejection. Dean attends numerous auditions until she finds the right role. Each role she secures becomes a valuable stepping stone, propelling her toward her aspiring career as an actress. Fueled by ambition, she recognizes that these roles are just the beginning of an extraordinary acting journey.

With every new opportunity, Dean's portfolio grows, radiating the undeniable evidence of her exceptional talent. This Caribbean force defies the odds, refusing to conform to limitations. The heartbeat of her dynamic is excellence, driving her to surpass expectations and leave an unforgettable mark on the acting industry.


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