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This entrepreneur’s brand is sold in supermarkets and pharmacies in 12+ Caribbean countries.

“I realized that my problem was actually a global pandemic—a silent one that

no one talks about!”

Five years ago, this was the realization struck the founder and CEO of Women’s

Haven, Melesia Adderley, when she became aware that the world of female

sanitary pads had a lot more dimension than anticipated. Each time Aunt Flo

visited, she noticed she was extremely irritated down south. This led to the hunt

for a solution to her problem. This is when she discovered organic pads. So,

what are the other pads made of? she wondered. This breakthrough sent

Adderley on a quest to gain a deeper understanding of her situation. She learned

that many pads that line the shelves of stores contain chemicals and toxins that

cause irritation and even health issues. It was after sharing what she was

experiencing with others that Adderley discovered that many women were

suffering the same problem she was enduring. Adderley’s dismay fueled a

journey that unfolded into today’s Women’s Haven, an all-natural feminine care

brand that focuses on providing women with organic products that are all

natural and chemical free.

She encourages women not to suffer in silence and provides a solution, one that

lines the shelves of countless supermarkets and pharmacies in the Caribbean.

She shared that she sometimes outsells many popular sanitary pad brands,

proving that innovation within any industry can indeed be phenomenal. So, how

does the brand of a wife, homeschooling mother of four, and owner of three

substantial companies leave such a major footprint within the feminine care

products industry?

Find a Real-World Problem, Then Provide the Solution

“I feel that the key is targeting a problem that is in the world and trying to find

the solution to that problem, then bridging that gap by providing something that

people are actually seeking,” Adderley shared.

Adderley’s victory over her personal problem bridged the gap for many women

who were experiencing the same issue. Her products far exceeded all

expectations, as testimonials on her social media pages range from eradicated

irritations to shorter cycles and even numerous pregnancies of women who

before use of the products struggled with conceiving. The countless samples she

gives out always live up to their promise.

“I give away a lot! Most of the time anyone who tries them out always says, ‘I

loved those pads! I need to buy some more!’” Adderley said.

Most women almost always make the switch to Women’s Haven once they

experience the amazing capabilities of the Women’s Haven pads.

Educate, Educate, Educate

Adderley realized that, much like herself, many women did not understand the

root cause of their irritations.

“Education was the biggest thing for us,” she said. “We shared with ladies that,

‘Listen, these products are toxic.’ We shared the proof, and immediately, it sells

itself. That is the great benefit I have had with Women’s Haven, and from there,

everyone uses word of mouth and tells their family and friends.”

Adderley’s confidence in education is proof that knowing your brand’s purpose

and knowing that it will achieve its purpose will lead to more sales—especially

if the product delivers the desired results. “We educate women as to why they

need to make the switch and why they need our products!”

Focus on One Territory at a Time

Adderley is steadfast in her mission to make Women’s Haven pads accessible to

as many women as possible. Her products line the shelves in many major

supermarkets and pharmacies across the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands, The

Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & the

Grenadines, Monserrat, Barbados, and Dominica are just some of the countries

where her brand has become popular and dominated the shelves. Her brand is

also sold online in the United States and Canada through her website.

Women’s Haven has done amazingly well, and you may be surprised to learn

that Adderley doesn’t do any distribution, as she is a wholesaler. She gives

exclusive rights to each distributor in each country.

“My goal was to seek out women who shared the same vision I did and give

them autonomy in their own country,” she shared.

Her focus on building an empire of women through her brand’s distribution has

paved the way for the uprising of the many powerful female entrepreneurs who

are the faces of her brand. These strong, unmatched women are distributors and

build the necessary relationships while she remains focused on maintaining a

product that meets the expectations of those who switch to her brand.

Never Give Up

Adderley gave incredible insight into her journey when she shared several

challenges she faced as a young entrepreneur.

“It’s been a huge learning curb, and I’ve had to teach myself. It is hard trying to

make it in this world that is run by Europeans.”

Adderley’s challenges were discouraging and often frustrating, but she

remained steadfast and unwavering in her pursuit.

“A major challenge I had was just not knowing it was possible for someone like

me to be able to manufacture products, build relationships, and have products

that are sold all across the Caribbean all under my own trademark.”

Adderley recalls major hurdles, but through it all, she has remained positive.

“The bottom line is: we don’t necessarily always have all the resources we need

to be successful, but the point is to never give up and to keep trying,” Adderley

said. “Keep trying to find a different way of getting there. Know exactly what

you want, and consistency will help you overcome any challenge!”

She gives much credit to her support system and now enjoys encouraging others

to pursue their goals as well—even if it seems impossible.

For Adderley, her line of organic pads, menstrual cups, wipes, deodorants,

exfoliating scrubs, vaginal wash, yoni detox pearls, and vaginal steaming kits

gives rise to an empire that has an ambition that goes beyond the dollar, one that

is determined to protect the reproductive health of women. She remains

steadfast in her mission and is proof that glass ceilings were meant to be



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