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This Master of Music created the theme song for Tyler Perry’s newest television show, Zatima!

“There were three main tracks that Tyler Perry Studios was interested in, and out of those three tracks, two of those were my beats!”

This was the position—entrepreneur and master musician—Chavez Parker found himself in when the battle for the best beat boiled down to its top three choices. Parker is also a producer at Blaze Unlimited, a creative music agency that facilitates excellence in all creative arts by specializing in innovative and cutting-edge campaigns, specifically in music. Parker, who, among others, was presented with the opportunity, immediately got to work on creating the perfect song for Tyler Perry Studios. Parker proved that he commands his craft when he was selected to be the creator of two of the final three songs. Then something truly extraordinary happened. The final song chosen was his.

“The song’s name is perfect, and it was perfect for the show!” Parker said.

Parker puts much time into constructing his talent and is confident in his creativity. He reminds us that his goals are clear, as he has adopted the hashtag #FutureGrammyAwardWinner on all his social media posts. Parker’s recent success is the forging of a dynamic path, one that is bold and well-defined. He began molding his talent at the tender age of five, confirming that in the music industry, it pays to be loyal to your talent. So how does the music of this outstanding husband, father, producer, and future Grammy Award winner come to do so well on the world stage?


Parker’s unique music is the result of years of devotion and commitment.

“Dedication is paramount. Be dedicated one hundred percent,” he said.

Parker encourages those wanting to enter the music industry to maintain a high level of enthusiasm, as it is fundamental for achievement within the industry. In addition, Parker carefully positions himself ahead of time.

“I make a mental note of the things I want to achieve 5 to 10 years from now. I wait until I’m closer to write it down,” Parker said.

So, what keeps this creative tycoon inspired?

“I find inspiration from other producers, artists, athletes, authors, the weather report, and motivating interviews. Anyone that is passionate about anything I literally find inspiration,” he shared. His passion illuminates the invisible lines of skill, giving strength to a talent that is magical.

Hard Work

“Hard work goes without saying. It’s automatic,” Parker said. “If you’re not constantly working on your product or service that you’re trying to offer people, there is no way you can have a good service or product.” It was hard work that helped Parker gain the exceptional success of landing the theme song for Perry’s hit series, Zatima. Parker’s unrelentless attitude toward strengthening his gift is what allows him to partake in accomplishments such as this one.


Parker aligned his dedication with patience, giving him a purpose that required vision to maintain.

“Patience is the main thing that is essential to my growth as an entrepreneur,” Parker said. “Starting out, you won’t get paid right away.”

Despite a start that wasn’t filled with dollar signs, Parker remained patient, demonstrating that success is composed of a journey and not a destination. For Parker, it was a test of skill and endurance.

Meeting Expectations while Remaining Authentic to Your Creativity

A major challenge for creatives includes finding balance.

“Being able to do exactly what the client asks of you is an amazing paradigm,” Parker shared. “Being creative and meeting the expectations of the client makes it kind of hard to find that balance. Take everything and marry your creativity with exactly what they are looking for.”

This is just a taste of what Parker brings to the table as he continues to aim for the stars. Parker’s pipeline is filled with fun and exciting adventures, as he is now pursuing major projects that incorporate music with food, arts, and virtual reality! This West Indian icon seeks to redefine the music industry through a vision with wavelengths visible beyond the spectrum of the average human. With the heart of a titan and the mindset of a giant, this musician continues to push to achieve major accomplishments. Even though his pipeline is flooded with more extraordinary endeavors, Parker’s passion goes beyond dollar signs, leading us to new and innovative destinations seemingly beyond Caribbean reach but nonetheless exceptionally possible through determination. Although his upcoming projects aim to pair music with a diverse set of industries, the objective remains the same for this giant of the Caribbean: to set the bar high and establish the standard for generations to come!


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