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This Young Professional Purchased Her First Property at the Age of 22

When you think of a 22-year-old, the image of a homeowner might not come to mind. But more and more young adults are taking the leap into real estate ownership, and it's changing the game for their financial futures. The process of purchasing real estate can be both exhilarating and intimidating. With options ranging from vacant lots to single-family residences, many people dream of owning a place to call home. However, with rising prices and fluctuating mortgage rates, buying a home or property can feel like an endless process. What if, instead of waiting for years, you could purchase a property before the age of 22? For most people, the challenge is not when, but how. CPA and Luxury Lifestyle YouTuber Rena Mortimer shared some valuable advice on the matter: "Be in a position so that when an opportunity arises, you can respond to it." Mortimer knew that purchasing real estate was something she wanted to do, despite the challenges. "It was the pandemic and lockdowns that really catapulted my saving," she said. "I always saw the importance of real estate. Just to be able to expand your children's inheritance because the real estate market is always booming!" Mortimer's determination and strategy can serve as an inspiration to many. Her approach allowed her to successfully close the deal and finalize her purchase. Here's how she did it:

She set a savings goal.

“I’m a big goal-setter! Goal setting to me is essential. I love jotting down what I intend to do and how I hope to obtain them!” Mortimer shared that for her, planning is a major step in getting things done. With a background in accounting, she was able to set her budget and implement an effective strategy. This was a big help when it came to her journey. “I’m a big proponent of budgeting. This includes a having budget you understand and one that works,” she said. “I mainly use Google Sheets or Excel to help me,” she said. “I didn’t have a luxurious salary. The only thing I did was to save as much as I can each month with that being the intended goal,” she said. She also shared that because of the pandemic and lockdowns, there were no outings or dining out. Rather than a normal life filled with outings, travel, and fine dining, Mortimer was forced to remain at home, saving as much as she could. She also developed a Do Better budget that assisted her in achieving her savings goal. “That budget has helped me to really sit down, analyze my salary, and see where it’s going every single month,” she said.

She ensured she had an excellent team.

Mortimer shared that another factor that was highly effective was the advice of her mother who is a retired loan officer at a major bank in the Bahamas. Her knowledge allowed Mortimer to efficiently navigate the world of borrowing and mortgages so that she could determine the best rates and contracts. Additionally, she shares that choosing the right loan officer, lawyer, and real estate agent is vital. “Make sure these are people who have your best interest at heart and whom you can trust to handle your business,” she said. “I was happy with the people I worked with and helped me bring this to fruition.” Mortimer’s team possessed a keen understanding of the real estate market eventually allowing her to make a savvy investment in a property that will undoubtedly increase in value over time.

She realized it was a faith journey and trusted the process.

“For me, the most exciting part of it is the thought process and the realization that when you’re standing on the piece of land your name is attached to,” she shared. She is grateful for her journey and describes the process as doable and attainable. “It is a risk and there is a lot of uncertainty attached to it. I would say put fear to the side and trust in God. Give it your all if you truly believe this is a part of the future God has for you,” Mortimer shared. She gave good insight regarding abandoning fear and diving into a process that will indeed present challenges. She further describes the process as a roller coaster but would gladly do it again.

Mortimer recognized the importance of investing in her future and legacy and was willing to take calculated risks to achieve her objectives. Her tenacity and foresight prove that age is just but a number, and success in acquiring real estate can come at any stage in life with the right mindset and strategy. For Mortimer, her real estate purchase was the beginning of an exciting journey. “I will be moving into my first home in 2023. Right now, I’m a part of the construction process and design elements, and it’s super exciting,” she said. “It’s nerve-racking but I am trying to remain optimistic that in the end it will look good, and it will all just come together.” Additionally, she shared her passion for the real estate industry. “I would love to further invest in low-income housing. I would like to help people have a home. I see a lot of value in having a home and helping Bahamians to achieve their real estate dreams.” She continued, “International investors are paying top dollar to live in the Bahamas, and I would like to make housing more accessible for more Bahamians.” Through setting a savings goal, developing an excellent team, trusting in God, and having faith, Mortimer was able to achieve her goal of attaining a home by the age of 22.


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