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How I Finally Began to Land Writing Jobs on Upwork

When I first joined Upwork, I was constantly frustrated. I wasn’t landing any clients, and not many were responding to my proposals. I was submitting more than 10 proposals a day but lacked the results I had hoped to achieve. Upwork isn’t ideal for me as a ghostwriter for book writing, but Upwork has many amazing blog article writing opportunities, and article writing is a personal favorite of mine. For quite some time, things weren’t looking up until I changed one simple thing: my profile photo. I changed my profile photo to a professional headshot and landed my first Upwork client. Upwork can be frustrating in the beginning, but be patient and give it some time to prove that it is worth it. Here are a few tips I learned from pitching on Upwork.

A professional headshot provokes more trust than a selfie.

My first profile photo on Upwork wasn’t terrible. In fact, I thought it was pretty great. I had a nice smile that was accentuated by the bright red Ruby Woo lipstick I had bought from MAC the Christmas before. The jet-black wig I wore boosted my confidence to the point where I truly felt like a superstar. However, it was only a selfie.

There is something about a professional headshot that draws potential clients in. Most clients yearn to deal with a trusted source. They desire to do business with someone who is an apparent leader in their industry and shows it. They want to see that you are serious about what it is that you do. So, one day, I put on a clean and crisp white suit, had my makeup professionally done, and did a photoshoot with one of the top photographers on the island. I used these same photos on my website and got an amazing response. If your Upwork platform isn’t operating at its peak potential, try upgrading your profile photo to a professional headshot. A professional headshot's energy is extraordinary, and that energy often converts to extraordinary results.

Clients love when they can refer to a professional website and social media platforms.

A website paired with consistent social media platforms is a way you can get your potential clients excited about working with you. It shows them that you are dedicated to your craft and that you are committed to your industry. A website is a great way to incite confidence and help the potential client overcome any trust issues. In addition, a website addresses any concerns the potential client may have. I usually link my website, my social media platforms, and my blog to my cover letter when submitting a proposal. This helps the potential client to indulge in more than just the appetizer. These provide a main course—and maybe even a dessert—for the client to enjoy. Of course, this is just an analogy, but you get what I’m saying. Shake things up a bit, and make it fun. Give them a tour of your world. Take them on an adventure. Show them that this is what you’re about and that you command your craft.

Use the booster option.

Upwork recently introduced the option to boost your proposal. This means that for an extra few points, you can have your proposal placed specifically at the top of the potential client’s proposal list. This means that they’ll more than likely see you either first or second on their proposal roster! Either way, you won’t be at the bottom. I personally use Upwork as a client, and I sometimes get over 50 proposals submitted when I post jobs. I’m usually drained by the time I reach proposal number eight. Being boosted at the top is a guaranteed plus because you’ll be seen right away. You’ll be seen when the potential client is clear-headed and isn’t tired and drained. This alternative is absolutely amazing and has a major benefit when using the Upwork platform.

If you’re a writer as well and you’re feeling frustrated because you’re barely making sales on Upwork, don’t give up. Try these three tips, and maybe they will be beneficial to you, too. These tips helped me, and I hope they help you as well. Being well-branded with a professional headshot and website really worked for me. Yes, it is a sacrifice to attain these things, but work towards it. Eventually, you’ll get there. You’ll notice a huge difference and realize that attaining a professional website and headshot are worth it, not only when it comes to Upwork but as an entrepreneur in general.


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