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The Four-Legged Chair of Entrepreneurship That No One is Talking About

Due to the recent pandemic, many have discovered working from home. This may seem glamorous, but how enjoyable is it, really? Can those who choose this route really run a business and ensure the demand for exceptional results is met without injuring one’s mental health? It may be possible if one considers the four-legged chair that assists in promoting a balanced life. You may be wondering, “What are the four legs?” They’re simply as follows: mental health and wellness, organization, sales strategy, and fitness. These four promote structure mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. When these four corners are covered, great things begin to unfold, and the individual becomes extraordinary and more grounded.

Take care of your mental health.

The issue of mental health often goes unspoken, and many tiptoe around the subject. Considering everything starts in the mind, it is important for you not to be distracted, depressed, or anxious. What calms you down? Determine what works for you. Maybe you love a relaxing trip to the spa. Some may enjoy a day by the sea. For others, taking a time-out in the form of a good movie is preferred. Whatever it is, consider it. It can be as simple as reflection, meditation, and prayer, or it can be as extravagant as an inspiring trip to Paris. Different things work for different people. Ensure whatever you choose is effective and successful.

Exercise every morning.

Beginning the day with fitness is a great way to introduce your body to its day. It sparks an “if you can conquer this, you can do anything” mentality. How hard can sending out that proposal be compared to 100 pushups? Not to mention, exercise gets the blood pumping and is great for your physical health. Physical health is vital when running a business. Whether it’s taking a walk or putting in two hours at the gym, do what works for you. When we consider our bodies, we’re all magnificently different. Walking or cycling may work for someone, whereas for someone else, weightlifting may work better. I encourage you to challenge yourself. You’ll be certain to conquer what lies ahead if you begin your day by conquering the “worst” of it.

Be organized.

Being organized is crucial, mainly because it gives that level of structure that is needed to overcome most trials and conquer certain tasks. A to-do list usually leads the charge when it comes to completing tasks and duties. This list paired with scheduling and day planners often brings much success to an individual’s day. No one wants a day filled with chaos resulting from being scatterbrained and unorganized. Most of us need structure and organization when harnessing a successful day. You’ll move ahead much faster and get much farther than you can imagine if you intentionally structure your day in a way that allows you to deliberately conquer each goal you set before you.

Have a sales strategy.

At the heart of most businesses is a dependency on sales. Whether you’re selling digital products, physical products, or a service, you will rely on sales. Sales are equivalent to income, and you need income to stay succeeding financially. What works for you when gaining sales? For each of us, it looks rather different depending on our industry. For some, sales ads may work. For others, content marketing may work. Some have been successful in using contact marketing. Others rely heavily on word of mouth. Which sales strategies work best for your business? Which sales strategies harness those sales and bring you the desired results you need? Sales strategies include considering streams of income. An author may consider one-on-one sales, retail sales, bulk sales from corporations, corporate collaborations and contracts, and licensing opportunities. This is just an example of an author utilizing several streams of income to achieve financial success within the author industry.

Additionally, a sales strategy goes beyond marketing. It also utilizes how many streams of income you can incur from your product or service. Let’s look at another example. A backyard farmer may consider selling fruits and vegetables, publishing a book about his expertise, and having a “done for you ” backyard gardening service. This example can also be utilized in several ways for each stream. Fruits and vegetables can be sold individually at a local market or in bulk to larger wholesale organizations. A book can be sold singularly or placed in a school system and sold in bulk. The “done for you” backyard services can be sold as one-on-one sales or can be sold in bulk to corporate organizations and schools. You see, if you brainstorm your sales strategy and be creative with it, you’ll have more opportunities and possibilities in your arsenal of entrepreneurship. Devise ways that you can be successful in your sales strategy, then go for it. Sometimes, it takes trial and error. This is also okay. It won’t be perfect in the beginning. Sometimes, it’s a learning process to get the hang of what works best for you.

We’re all different in our personalities, talents, and physical makeup, but what remains the same is the way we organize ourselves and challenge ourselves physically, mentally, and financially. Does this mean the determining factor of our success is simply how we structure our day paired with the maintenance of our health and wellness? Does it also rely on how far we push ourselves to not only be creative but to be bold and fearless on our platforms? The four legs of the chair go hand-in-hand. If we remove one of them, the stability of the chair fails, and the one seated crashes into constant failure. So, give the four-legged chair a try. Embrace the absolute awareness of your mental health, fitness, organization, and sales strategies, then share what works for you!

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