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3 Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Onboard New Clients

Has business been at a standstill for you? Maybe there is no activity, and it seems your business has failed. I’ve been there. Endless and countless pitches that end in one word: “no.” Oftentimes, when this happens, many of us give up and quit the journey. Some of us become overwhelmed and resort to a state of depression. We feel as though we have failed. Cheer up! Worrying does not help and also doesn’t change anything. Never giving in to defeat and taking strategic action can often turn your situation around slowly but surely.

Here are three mindset shifts that helped me onboard new clients:

Physically go to clients.

Today, we live in a digital era. This has its pros and cons. Learning how to navigate this world and knowing when to use it to your advantage is key to your business. For example, PayPal and bank transfers are awesome when collecting payments. However, trying to attract a $10k client via email may be challenging. Why? Because in-person meetings are priceless.

We are still human, and most humans appreciate energy. Most humans feed off the energy of another human. The warmth of a greeting, the genuine energy behind a smile, a firm, and confident handshake, and even the smell of another person can draw one in. These all play an important role when landing a high-ticket client. A video call is excellent. However, for the initial process, I have learned that valuing the energy an in-person meet and greet brings is crucial. However, after the client is onboarded, it is much easier to utilize video calls, audio calls, and emails for the duration of the relationship. Taking the time to dress up and carry a brochure with my services to the potential client has landed me most of my high-ticket clients.

Tip: Professionally done makeup, a nice suit, and a dollop of confidence go a long way. Believe in your brand, and believe in the value you are able to bring to that potential client. They will feel this and are likely to purchase your package.

Instead of saying “I can’t afford this,” start asking, “How can I afford this?”

As a mom, there are many expenses that arise—everything from school fees to food and groceries. These costs come at you from all directions, leaving you dazed and fearful that you won’t be able to provide for your family. There were many things I needed but could not afford, and it left me miserable. For example, I needed to purchase a new air conditioner but could not afford it. What changed? I created a policy. Each time I felt I could not afford something, I asked myself, “How can I afford this?” The answer to this question looks different for each individual.

What does the answer to this question look like for you? For me, it may sometimes look like onboarding two additional clients. Knowing that this is my goal, I will then print ten brochures and reach out to ten executives and speakers who I am 100% certain need my services. Reaching out to ten potential clients allows me the room to fall short and still reach my goal of landing two clients. Asking the question “How can I afford this?” forces me to strategize and push even harder.

Sometimes, giving away smaller services for free will result in larger returns later.

I know what you’re thinking: “Huh?” I wasn’t always this way, but now, I’m a firm believer in, “When you give, more comes back to you in return.” The first time this happened, I was in shock—believe me. Shortly after giving a friend an amazing free editing job, I received a $9k ghostwriting deal. Coincidence? No.

After performing small editing jobs, short ghostwriting email jobs, and resume writing services free of charge for friends and family, I almost always get an influx of activity in my business. Maybe this is something you can try in your business. Don’t do it in the hopes of receiving, but do it with a giving heart and a genuine intent. Give them a job well done. In addition, you’ll be able to use these as sources for testimonials, referrals, and work samples. Don’t underestimate the power of giving. Don’t underestimate the power of giving 100% even when the price is free of charge. I guarantee you that it stirs up a cycle of good that will end in your favor.

In conclusion, these are the top three mindset shifts that helped me onboard more clients. Change is usually initiated by a mindset shift that can overthrow old habits that have been blocking positive results. I love it when my business challenges me to grow. This usually produces results that are astonishing. May these mindset shifts inspire the change you need in your business. May they initiate the courage for you to step out and climb to another level. A world of possibility awaits. Embrace it.

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