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3 Reasons Why Having an Author Platform is Vital


Speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, business moguls, and celebrities continuously seek new ways to expand and stand out. An author platform makes this possible through the power of self-publishing. Some may argue that they are not writers, but a good professional edit can transform your note-jotting into a masterpiece. Today, authoring a book seems to be popular among speakers, coaches, and business experts. Why is this? Here are three reasons why.

Books increase your credibility.

Authoring a book is considered a big deal. You command attention when the host of your speaking engagement introduces you as the author of a bestseller. Your audience instantaneously sees you as a specialist in your field of expertise. Authoring a published book assists in gaining the trust and confidence of your audience. Many giants who dominate their neck of the woods depend on books to project their voice and increase their authority.

Books represent another stream of income.

Most speakers, coaches, and business experts get paid for speaking, coaching, consultations, and more. Your book is a tool that can give you passive income. Whether you sell your books on Amazon or at speaking engagements, your book is a useful instrument that can benefit you greatly. Self-publishing makes this stream of income simple and possible.

Books provide a gift/purchasing opportunity at seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

The world of genres is diverse and varied. These days, you’re able to write a book about almost anything. Book topics can range from issues like relationships to content addressing finances, savings, budgeting, sales, or marketing. Your book serves as an in-depth reference for a topic about which many want to gain knowledge. A seminar or workshop can give insight into the topic about which you are an expert. Through the use of speech, presentations, action plans, and worksheets, you can use this opportunity to broaden the horizons of others who are interested in the topic about which you have chosen to write. Give reference to your book as much as possible. Display your books at the end of your seminars for those wanting to purchase them. Some people charge for the seminar and give the book away for free. Others hold the seminar for free and have their books on sale at the end. Whatever you decide, ensure that you are able to cover all overhead costs while at the same time making a comfortable profit.

In conclusion, having an author platform can greatly benefit you in many ways. Speakers, coaches, and consultants who already have a following find this extra stream of revenue useful and beneficial. Authoring a book looks great on a portfolio when trying to land speaking engagements. It's safe to say that a book can be a rung on the ladder of success for speakers, coaches, and business experts.


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