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5 Ways Startups Can Attract More Clients

In a digital world, the arena of business has evolved drastically. Because of this evolution, business has gotten both easier and more challenging at the same time. It’s almost like a double-edged sword. It has gotten easier in the sense that there is convenience, easy access, and a more relaxed way of doing business. On the other hand, it has gotten harder due to far more competition and visibility challenges. This double-edged sword, when wielded, can be a weapon of achievement or one that is detrimental to your business.

Here are some ways I attract more clients:

Using contact marketing.

I begin by writing a list of twenty potential clients I know that I can help. These are usually individuals that I am absolutely certain can benefit from my services. It is these individuals that I’m confident will get a return on investment when utilizing my services. Second, I create brochures detailing my services via Canva. I love Canva and find it beyond helpful. Canva makes it easy to design within my capacity while, at the same time, giving me excellent design options that align with my branding. I get these brochures printed by a print-on-demand company, and I also utilize FlippingBook and present them digitally to potential international clients. Last, I reach out to the names on my list! Some decline, but there are some who are happy that I have taken the time to market myself and my services. Take the time to reach out physically. Physical contact makes a huge difference in sales because connection and energy go a long way during these types of engagement.

Participating in Facebook groups.

Many entrepreneurial groups have assisted me during my journey. The largest entrepreneurial group I follow has a network of 500K followers with active interaction and heavy engagement. Amazing, right? Some groups use subscription services for marketing purposes. Some don’t use any subscription fees, and you’re free to post whatever you like. Posts like “Looking to connect with ten awesome women who possess the goal of writing a book!” or “I’ve just created an awesome publishing cheat sheet! Who wants it for FREE?” or maybe “My five steps to having a $10K month is on special today for just 99 cents!” are all examples of posts that a have proven valuable in groups. Connecting with like-minded individuals often opens a door of possibilities and potential for new clients. This gets potential clients thinking about your product or service and possibly gets you more sales.

Creating a giveaway can be beneficial to you in growing your email list, too. If your post for a free or cheap giveaway and the invite gets 500 comments from individuals who want your free giveaway, that is 500 individuals who are interested in your niche. This equals potential clients. On an even brighter side, you now get to email 500 individuals your giveaway, thus leading to 500 new individuals added to your email list—way to go! That’s 500 new individuals that you get to reach every month through email marketing. Facebook groups have their perks. Some groups even give their members the opportunity to go live on certain days. These are all amazing opportunities to gain visibility.

Providing consistent powerful content.

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all powerful platforms that can facilitate your content and message. YouTube is an excellent platform because it gives users access to your content free of charge while, in return, paying you for your content. Of course, you must still work to gain a following. The right SEO paired with powerful and helpful content can go a long way in growing your audience. Things usually start off slow at first, but with consistency and solution-oriented content, it gets better. Don’t hold back. Give it your all when creating content. You need to give as much as possible in order to gain the following you hope to achieve. Time is your greatest asset when developing your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Utilizing services like Upwork.

Many individuals turn to Upwork for solutions to their problems. For clients, posting a job on Upwork is a great alternative to getting cheap labor, and most of the time, they receive excellent results. Upwork is an excellent option because you can bid for jobs that potential clients have posted. Just send in your proposal and wait! This, like all platforms, is also hard at first, especially considering potential clients prefer freelancers who are U.S.- and Canadian-based, have made over a certain amount on the Upwork platform, and have over a certain amount of reviews. I’m still in the early stages of my Upwork experience. I’ve sent out thirty-one proposals and have had four interviews but zero clients via this platform. Will I give up? Certainly not. There are options, like having clients who are booked through Facebook purchase services through my Upwork platform. This can get me the reviews I need as well as an increase in my dollar value gained. Create a growth strategy, don’t give up, and be as consistent as possible. Remember, growth takes time.

Celebrate your wins out loud.

The first time one of my clients hit the Amazon best seller list, I was ecstatic. His win became my win. When my clients’ books are sold in Target, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Amazon, I am beyond happy. Believe me, your clients’ wins are your wins. Their return on investment becomes your return on investment. I was able to celebrate this win out loud. A simple post in a Facebook group that goes as follows, “My ghostwriting client’s book is a best seller! I’m a ghostwriter, and I write best sellers. Celebrate with me!” goes a long way. This was the post I created in one of the entrepreneurial groups I follow. This post received 13.5K likes and over 300 comments. Most comments were congratulatory messages. However, there were quite a few from others who have always wanted to hit the best-seller list. There was also a healthy amount of comments from those who were interested in my ghostwriting services. In addition to this, I’m able to include these wins in my marketing campaigns. These wins gain the attention of many who have the same goal and want the same results. They don’t know how to achieve these goals and look to you for assistance. Celebrate your wins out loud and gain the attention of those who seek the solutions you offer.

At the end of the day, outperforming the competition and receiving as much visibility as possible is the goal of most businesses. Attracting clients is vital in order for the business to survive. Without clients, your business is a sinking ship. Building a stable clientele takes time. They need time to trust you and your product or service. When clients place confidence in your product, they expect a dynamic outcome. Exceed their expectations, and this leads to more clients. I’ve landed a number of clients as a result of referrals. Doing an excellent job is the best marketing tool you can ever have. Clients realize the true value of your product or service after experiencing its extraordinary capabilities, especially when there is a return on investment connected to it. Whether you are a mechanic, gym instructor, publisher, farmer, or marketing agent, you’ll reap incomparable rewards when you align increasing your visibility with doing an outstanding job.


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