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A Position of Authority

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” This famous quote by Steve Martin can also be implemented during your very own entrepreneurial journey. During one’s entrepreneurial journey, the individual may feel as though they have a limited capacity when attempting to utilize the full potential of their talent. For example, I have heard many skilled and talented individuals say, “No one wanted to work with me until I became…” It's almost as if you're invisible until you obtain a great achievement directly linked to your talent and skills.

One of my favorite influencers found the entrepreneurial arena challenging until she became a journalist for a prominent global media company. She is only required to write one article per week; however, the company’s name was a badge of honor and opened many doors for her. Another much loved influencer of mine landed multiple contracts as an NBA coach. This is something that he can now place within his portfolio. Many will want to work with him because of this. Authority positioning is when an individual attains a position of prestige or authority that elevates their potential, landing them a form of power and influence. This position enables the individual to command respect, increasing their chances for even more success within their industry. What is that thing you must achieve that will open doors for you—doors that would be shut without it? It may be becoming a bestselling author. Perhaps you’ve landed a journalist position within a prominent magazine. Maybe you’ve achieved a reputation for landing a yearly contract for coaching in the NBA. It may be that you’ve earned a degree from Harvard University and have graduated with honors. It could be that you’ve achieved a prominent political position that will allow you to become the decision-maker within your industry. Whatever that thing is that will get you from being unnoticed to noticed, pursue it relentlessly. Besides a reputation for excellent work, what will unlock those doors that are closed right now? What is the key to unlocking those doors that will afford you limitless opportunities once you’re on the other side? The answer is authority positioning.

Here are three reasons why you should embrace authority positioning:

It unlocks closed doors.

The badge of prestige afforded by respected positions certainly has its perks and advantages. Your emails will more than likely not go unanswered when an impressive title is attached and pops up in the receiver’s inbox. You will, nonetheless, gain full access to many events you would have otherwise not been considered for. Upon receiving a prestigious position, many will offer you invitations to collaborate and interact with their following. Gaining a position of authority will indeed provide you with the key to opening many doors that would have been closed to you had you not been placed in a position of authority.

Authority positioning increases your sales value.

Many individuals and brands will want to work with you once you’re in a position of authority. Whether it’s seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, or simply selling your brand, you can be sure of one thing: there will be countless sales opportunities. This increases your chance of accelerated growth financially, as both an individual and a business. People will pay for access to you. Not to mention, you would be considered an expert and would have every right to charge top dollar for your services as well.

Your extraordinary achievement proves you are an expert in your industry.

A writer who writes for a top publication agency would naturally be considered a top writer in the industry. A motivational speaker who has worked closely with the NBA would naturally be considered a top speaker in the speaking industry. A doctor who has a degree from Harvard University would more than likely be considered a top doctor in the medical industry. Perhaps your business has been featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC. A bestselling author would more than likely be happily invited to speak at a high school or college graduation. These are just some examples of authority positioning.

Is there a position that would propel you forward, onward, and upward, even deeper into excellence? Is there an attainable achievement that would accelerate your growth and make you and your brand far more attractive and powerful than it is now? What do you have to do to wield the sword of power within your industry? What is that thing that will prove you're number one?

Authority positioning makes room for you to achieve even beyond your wildest dreams. It helps you fully utilize your potential and to exceed all expectations far beyond what you can imagine. Is it possible to attain a position of authority within your industry? Certainly! Will it be easy? Absolutely not! However, it will indeed be worth it in the end. Opened doors, increased sales, and an expert reputation are all great business essentials that will allow you to experience unlimited possibilities in business. Imagine a world where your emails aren’t ignored. Envision stepping into a realm where corporations gladly pay you for your expertise. What is that position of authority that will boost your growth and development? What is that position of prestige that will give you access to so much more? Will you rise to the challenge and give your brand the justice it deserves by embracing an authoritative position? Pray about it, pursue it, and then command the respect you deserve within your industry. Stand in your power, rise to the call of duty, and transform your business through authority positioning.

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