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Evolving Business Structures

I recently attended a seminar of an extremely popular influencer, and it was not what I expected it to be. The knowledge was great. However, as the content was being dished out it, became apparent how dated the information was. He spoke of the workplace in regard to the brick-and-mortar space, but he never addressed the online space. So, because of this, I could not apply the information to my own business. He failed to embrace the CEOs who occupy the space of their home. Many CEOs do not rub shoulders with their own staff and oftentimes have never met their team beyond an email or text message. In spite of this, the job gets done, and this is completely normal. Today, teamwork is different. The teams of yesterday crammed into offices and boardrooms to meet and discuss projects, workload, and more. Yes, this still happens today, but we must remember that other business structures exist.

Here are three ways business structures are evolving:

Different teams are used for different projects within the same company.

I work with a different team each time I take on a new project. This is because each project is different. For me, a single project may consist of a children’s illustrator, editor, interior graphic designer, cover artist, and formatter. A completely different project may consist of a cover artist, ghostwriter, editor, and formatter. This is because each project leads me down a different path in order to achieve the desired end result. Please note that I don’t need to have my staff on a full payroll. I can hire on demand. Because of this, I work with freelancers who work via contract. In addition, I don’t need to physically see any of my team members. I am happy to communicate via text messaging, email, etc. I am happy as long as the job is completed to satisfaction. My team members are paid for the services rendered, and at the end of the day, everyone is happy. In most cases, the team members mentioned are freelancers with whom a continuous workflow is given over a period of time.

Freelancers and creatives dominate the digital space.

Freelancing is a great way for talented creatives to execute their skills and make money. Most creatives connect with clients via the online space on platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork,, YouTube, and in some cases, their own websites. Freelancers are the heartbeat of my company because, due to a combined effort, they give life to each project. A team made up of an illustrator, editor, formatter, and cover designer can still bring a project to life without meeting with each other. As the leader of the company, I am in charge of each project. As the leader of the project, I am responsible for communication. My communication skills must be exceptional because I must communicate the vision of the final product to each team member.

We are in the era of bossless bosses.

Solopreneurs work alone. They do not communicate with anyone besides their client. They simply execute their skills in an exceptional way, in return, bringing results that are extraordinary every time. Most solopreneurs are creatives and operate within the digital space, but they can also be professionals outside of the creative arena as well. Solopreneurs work solo. This is what makes them special and unique. They are their own boss and need not answer to anyone but their client. Sales may be challenging, but set a sales goal and aim to achieve it!

When it comes to the structure of your business, don’t be restricted. Don’t place your business in a box. Avoid conforming to the norm. The way business is conducted has evolved because of the World Wide Web and more diverse ways of communicating. Almost anything is possible within the digital space. A business can still function effectively without direct, physical human contact. With astonishing communication skills, extraordinary leadership qualities, and profound confidence to deliver beyond expectations, CEOs today who operate under the digital business structure achieve outcomes that are dynamic and outstanding.


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