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Feeling Unmotivated? Try this!

You’re called on by a potential client. You book the call. You both show up for the call. The call goes absolutely perfectly. You email the quote. The potential client thanks you. Sometimes, they say no, but sometimes, they say they’ll let you know, and then… crickets. You’re left wondering, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” Sound familiar? Rejection and failure can quite often leave one feeling unmotivated and uninspired. There comes a time in one’s business when “no” seems to be a widespread contagion. Potential clients seem to be on a no streak, and business becomes frustrating. It often leaves me feeling uninspired when this happens, and I often lack the motivation to pursue potential clients. This is normal in business, but how do you deal with the feeling of depression and discouragement that follows? Here are some ways I deal with a lack of motivation.

I try to remember that “no” stands for “next one.”

“No” simply means “next one.” My focus is then shifted to seeking the next potential client and then the next potential client after that until I finally land the client that says “yes.” The more noes I get, the closer I am to a yes. It’s almost like digging for treasure. Eventually, your trowel will hit something. Eventually, you’ll see a difference.

It forces me to re-evaluate where I am and keep pushing.

For me, failure makes room for re-strategizing. I love evaluating my progress. Failure helps me to mold the way I approach potential clients. It assists me in strengthening my pitch—the manner in which I reel clients in. How could I have made my interview better? In what ways could I have strengthened my proposal? These are questions I usually ask myself after not landing a potential client. I become like a warrior sharpening his weapon during war.

I take a long drive to clear my head and re-strategize.

A good long drive usually releases any anxiety that may have gathered due to any failure. Sometimes, I have a conversation with myself. Oftentimes, I pray or just think out loud. These usually give me a fresh perspective on whatever situation I’m in, setting into motion a new and improved action plan for the challenge faced. A drive by the sea with a cool refreshing breeze and salty sea air can take a mile of problems away. The effects of relaxation on the body and mind are marvelous and often underestimated by many.

I work on an upcoming project.

I usually use the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and my main priority: my goal list. My annual goal list keeps me going. I use the chance of being without a client to work on personal projects. For example, if I’m without a ghostwriting client but have smaller projects from smaller clients, I use it as a chance to write a book or course of my own. This helps me shorten my annual to-do list. It enables me to knock out my personal projects. This utilizes time in the best way possible, which is advantageous for me and my goals. I’m always eager to shorten my to-do list. Reaching my personal goals is important to me, and a chance to give them the focus they deserve is always a good thing. There is no doubt that this makes good use of my time while I wait on a potential client to say “yes.”

So, the next time you’re feeling down about your sales success rate, try implementing some of these tactics. Discouragement is normal. Keep moving forward with your action plan. Entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely road. It can also place a lot of pressure on you, especially when you have responsibilities such as children, bills, and numerous expenses. Sometimes, emotions can run high, and they can overwhelm you. Keep re-strategizing and re-evaluating. If ads aren't working, try cold calling. If cold calling isn’t working, try contact marketing. Highlight your wins in your campaign. Victory usually gets the attention of potential clients. The fact that most of my clients get best-seller status and are sold in Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon frequently turns the heads of my intended audience. Whatever your wins are in your industry, share them. Celebrate out loud. There is a demand for your achievements. People will start to take notice and wonder how they, too, can achieve this. I hope this helps!

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