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Each of us were sent to this realm with a solution to something placed inside each of us—tiny little packages wrapped lovingly in imperfect flesh and sent to a realm of chaos as a line of defense in the battle of good and evil. Deep down inside all of us lies someone waiting to bloom into something amazing and extraordinary. In each of us lies someone who was sent as the answer to a problem. A plumber, a teacher, a doctor, a Prime Minister, a President, and an Olympian are just a few examples of what can possibly lie deep within us.

Sometimes, we may feel as though God doesn’t see our problems. God sees our problems, though; and sometimes, the solution he sends lies within us. He saw the problem of extreme racial inequality, and Nelson Mandela was sent. He saw the problem of injustice, and Martin Luther King was sent. Someone was needed to lead the journey to independence in the Bahamas, and Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling was sent. He saw many lives in peril from life-threatening heart disease and other illnesses due to poor eating habits, and Dr. Duane Sands was sent. He knew many needed to learn of the kingdom of heaven, and Dr. Myles Munroe was sent. He saw that many would need financial guidance and support, and Mr. Sebas Bastian, the founder of OWN Bahamas, was sent. He saw that many would need guidance with writing and publishing, and Kristen Martin was sent. He saw that many would need relationship guidance, and Tony Gaskins was sent. He saw that many young men would need to be inspired through sports and basketball, and Mr. Mario Bowleg was sent. He initially saw that a price needed to be paid in exchange for the freedom of humanity, and so He sent his only son to die for the sins of humanity. The King of the Universe always sends the answer. They were all sent with the answers to specific problems inside them.

Whom did God send when he sent you? What did God send when he sent you? What lies within you that’s bursting at the seams? Are you walking in your purpose? Purpose is different from talent, although sometimes your talent can be connected to your purpose. Purpose is also not tied to money.

Here are three reasons why you should consider embracing what lies within you.

Your action brings about restoration.

Your purpose is almost always linked to other human beings, whether just one or many. Others are depending on you and are usually set free because you have decided to take action. Imagine a pastor who starts a Young Men’s Ministry to help steer fatherless, teenage boys in the right direction, spiritually and mentally. Is his purpose linked to others? Is there restoration as a result of his courageous act? Yes!

How about someone who specializes in plant medicine? As a result of their knowledge, others can be restored to health by harnessing the forces of nature, herbs, and plants. Because plants have little to no side effects, it's safer and sometimes even more effective when considering the long-term effects. But a doctor charges money and purpose isn’t tied to money. Well, unfortunately, things cost money, and so, sometimes a fee is necessary. A good example of this is an author. Unfortunately, ink, paper, and binding materials cost money, so books will cost money. However, that book can still be linked to the author’s purpose. Jane Mclleland’s How to Starve Cancer book is a great example of this. She has helped many to overcome cancer as a result of her courageous act to place valuable and helpful information in a book. Her purpose is a great one, and I commend her for taking action and pursuing it.

Embracing your purpose brings about true happiness.

I clearly remember the miserable moments I spent at my nine-to-five. I was content but never truly happy. I also witnessed many who felt the same way while at their nine-to-five. They were never truly happy because they were never doing what they truly wanted to do. This is a common issue and one that should be addressed by the individual almost immediately. Suffice to say, I’m much happier now and much more content than before. Could a heart surgeon be happy on a construction site? Certainly not. Could a writer be happy as a nurse in a hospital? I think not. The heart surgeon would dream of surgery while building homes, and the writer would be distracted by the urge to scribble here and there.

Others become inspired to press onward.

Because Martin Luther King marched for freedom, others were also inspired to rise up and embrace their voice. Many realized they even had a voice because of his influence and leading example. Because Myles Munroe spoke out and encouraged others to embrace their purpose, many were inspired to grasp their true potential and embrace their purpose. Because Sir Lynden Pindling became the first Bahamian Prime Minister, others have followed in his distinct footsteps and have aspired to become prominent political figures. Another’s journey may be inspired as a result of you embracing your purpose. Another’s journey may be motivated as a result of you striving and fighting to achieve your full potential.

You were sent to Earth with solutions within you—solutions that make the world a better place. Oftentimes, the answers to many of the world’s problems lie within us. We pray for the cure for chronic illnesses. I’ve met many who have cured their chronic disease through a simple, organic, toxin-free diet and lifestyle. Where are our gardeners who are skilled in this area? We pray for financial guidance. Where are our budgeting experts? We pray for healthier options rather than the fast food industry. How many alkaline restaurants have risen up in the past decade? We pray for the crime rate to reduce. Where are the boys’ clubs that can help compensate for the missing fathers in single-mother households? I dare you to rise up and embrace the power given to you. I encourage you to take off and soar. It’s vital that you rise to the challenge, withstand the test of time, and embrace the adventure of discovering your purpose—your God-given purpose.


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