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Iron Sharpens Iron

My favorite influencers have gotten me through the roughest of patches without even having knowledge of it. They are people sent by God and are walking in obedience to the command of embracing their life’s purpose by sharing their knowledge and expertise. The confidence given after a message of certainty from an influencer is priceless. When I first started my journey, Kristen Martin was my go-to person for writing and publishing. I loved her content and was inspired by her weekly vlogs. Her work ethic paired with her attractive lifestyle reminded me that there was light on the horizon and that my dream of becoming an author was indeed possible. She sharpened my intellect in regard to writing and publication. I needed her knowledge to help me grow and develop into who I am today.

Do you have a favorite influencer who guides you and reminds you to keep moving forward? Is there a cyber-mentor you follow simply because they have been where you are now and have risen from the ashes? Is there someone you know who has once been under pressure and now possesses the shine of a diamond because of it? I have a few, and my journey would not have been the same without them.

Here are three reasons why mentors are vital to your journey:

They can relate to where you are in your journey.

I was once an aspiring author. Today, I have accomplished that goal. The gap between these two locations was filled by an influencer who taught me how to achieve this very goal. Details such as cover design and formatting were necessary and vital to me during my learning experience. Who in your industry can help guide you in achieving your goals? Who has already accomplished the dreams you would like to attain? My advice to you is to stalk their page daily. Consistently study their content and apply it to your journey. Use it to grow and develop your skills and knowledge. This is why influencers create content—to help! They love providing guidance because this is what they want to be known for. They want to be known as an expert in that very thing. Their method of delivery may be via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even a personal webpage. Use the strategy of mentorship to elevate your skills.

Cyber-mentors give great advice.

Influencers give great advice, especially when they have already conquered the goal you seek to achieve. They know of the hurdles you will encounter. They know the solutions to the problems you’ll eventually face. They are equipped to provide guidance because they have already won the battle. Forged in the flames of experience, they press onward. As a result, they provide guidance and direction to you. As leaders in their industry, influencers give great advice and are usually a great source of assistance.

They are lighthouses to those who have weathered the same storms.

Influencers are a guiding light to those who seek to master the same knowledge and skills they share. It is sometimes said that experience is the best teacher. This is because those who have experienced the problem will more than likely be aware of the solution. They will also be aware of the difficulties that may arise when trying to reach the proposed goal. Most influencers know how to conquer and defeat the goals you now seek to achieve. They are usually equipped with the tools needed to achieve a goal because they have already achieved the goal themselves.

Following someone who has experienced the goal you hope to achieve can be an immense help. Whether it's via YouTube or another platform, you’ll find that researching relevant content makes a huge difference. Cyber-mentors may not know you exist, but it is crucial to have them. Not to mention, you can always send them a private message or comment, too. Most influencers are happy to interact with their followers. Many provide guidance via YouTube and social media. It is important to have someone who can relate to your journey. The road ahead is hard—you will hit many rough patches. This cyber-mentor strategy encourages you to move forward. It inspires you to keep pushing. If your cyber-mentor can overcome it, so can you! The moment you master your goal you'll be able to guide someone else. As humans, we were meant to enhance others. We were meant to sharpen the skills of another by sharing our own. As said in Proverbs 27:17, "Iron sharpens iron". It's a clever and ideal way of making the world a better place, one person at a time.


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