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Is Your Sales Process Killing Your Business?

I was recently invited to an amazing business conference that promised to assist with building durable business habits and routines. The flyer didn’t completely catch my eye but generally looked interesting. Honestly, I was only compelled to view it because it was sent to me. Though the conference turned out amazing, the sales process was confusing and frustrating. I had purchased the ticket in support of the person who sent me the invite. Otherwise, I would have never purchased it due to the amount of hassle and difficulty. First, I had to message the host. Second, I needed to send an email detailing my interest and why. After that, I had to wait 24 hours to receive a payment option. Not to mention, the payment option provided was not a simple credit card transaction opportunity but a platform that I wasn’t familiar with, thereby excluding me. In fact, I had to suggest a payment option. This sales experience left me annoyed, and I couldn’t help but wonder, “What if everyone’s process was like this?” What if I had to email Amazon in order to receive my product? What if I had to call Walmart to express interest in the product before I purchased it? Is your sales process simple, or is it challenging for your potential clients?

Here are three ways you can simplify your sales process:

Communicate your message clearly.

Clear communication is vital for flyers, videos, emails, etc. Whatever marketing you decide to use, do guarantee that your message is communicated clearly. I have witnessed plenty of flyers that have too little information as well as those that have too much information. Marketing material that has too little information is not effective. Marketing material that has too much information is also ineffective. When creating marketing material, you must remember the following:

· Your logo should be visible.

· You should have an eye-catching theme, topic, and/or tagline.

· Your marketing purpose should be communicated clearly.

· The problem you solve should be communicated clearly.

· You should include trigger words that help you get the sale.

Summarize as much as possible. This is not the space to spill every detail about the product or service. Effective summarizing includes trigger words that catch the eye of a potential client. The coloring should be vibrant. Dull coloring isn’t attractive and may even discourage attention.

Have a call to action.

At the end of every effective marketing tool, a call to action should be implemented. Whether it’s “Click the Register Button” or “Add to Cart”, a clear call to action must be established. This tells your potential client what comes next while they are still caught up and in buying mode. A good call to action prompts the potential client to act. It is the act that follows that determines whether you get the sale or not, so why not be as compelling as possible? I’ve seen marketing tools that have absolutely no call to action. I have also seen marketing tools that have no “Contact Us” information, too. The success and effectiveness of your marketing tool lies in exactly this. Correct execution of your marketing tool will assist with gaining sales.

Choose an easy and accessible payment option.

I love when I’m able to simply punch in my credit card information, process the transaction, and receive the product or service. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, right? If you’re anything like me, simple and secure payments leave me feeling confident when purchasing. PayPal is an excellent platform that honors both cards and direct transfers. I love it because, once you send out your payment request, the client can pay with a debit or credit card before happily receiving an invoice and their product or service of choice. If a debit or credit card isn’t an option, a direct transfer can be made. I remember a team member of mine didn’t offer me the PayPal option. Well, this was normal because he lived on the opposite side of the world. However, thanks to the multiple payment options, he was able to download PayPal and get paid! If your payment option isn’t in a clear and obvious space on your marketing tool, you may be in trouble. If you want clients to pay, show them where!

Sales processes are important. First impressions are lasting. This is your opportunity to make a good impression and leave your mark. Your sales process is your first interaction with your client after they have made the decision to purchase your product or service. Impress them with this before blowing them away with the actual product or service. How often do you purchase a product or service and the sales process is tedious and a headache? How often do you purchase a product or service and the process is simple and easy? Now, weigh both experiences. Which did you prefer? It’s nice to just punch in your credit card information and pay for an item rather than having to download a payment platform that you’ll probably never use again. Most clients love simple, hassle-free solutions that work. If you're able to bring this to the table, you'll be able to keep your clients happy.


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