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Lessons From Nike: Just Do It!

I can recall the many stories that plagued me as I sat trapped for hours at my corporate job—stories that refused to refrain from haunting me as I served clients daily. These stories forced me to scribble here and there in between clients, on my lunch hour, and into the wee hours of dawn. This was proof in itself that my true passion was actually writing. Each opportunity afforded to me was grasped whenever it presented itself. In other words, I wrote like it was nobody’s business. I wrote until the scraps of paper once pieced together became a connected story that would eventually become a book. Imagine that.

At the time, I didn’t know what self-publishing was. I just knew I wanted to be published. I didn’t know how, but I certainly knew that I would leave no stone unturned in my search for how to do this. How would I become published? Would a publishing company offer me a contract? Would I need to hire an agent? Would an agent really represent my book? How do I find an honest agent? So many questions flooded my mind and overflowed into “There must be another way…” This is the moment that led me to obsessively stalk the Internet in search of a way to be published.

One day, I desperately typed into the YouTube search bar “How I published my book.” This led me to Kristen Martin and many others who had self-published via platforms that were easy to use and, not to mention, convenient. Yes! It was possible! It was possible to share the stories I wrote with others. It was possible to have a professional book rather than a group of stapled papers. I was passionate about finding a solution, and in the end, I found one—one that led to much greater opportunities beyond my imagination.

Here are some action steps you can take when the God-given talent you are passionate about bubbles over and overwhelms you:

Search for a solution.

A solution was out there for me—I just had to search for it. There is usually an answer. The answer often appears after you’ve searched hard enough for it. Yes, there will be stumbling blocks and brick walls, but keep searching. You’ll discover that if you dig long enough, your spade will eventually strike gold.

Know there is always a way.

Whenever a product is released, it is also released with an instruction manual—a guide that shows how to use it, and something that shows how satisfaction can be achieved in regard to the product. Whenever one takes a journey, a map is usually needed in order for one to know the way. If you search hard enough, you’ll discover the way that will lead you to your desired destiny. Asking questions is a great way to reveal solutions and answers. Another great way to unravel answers is to do research via the Internet. Reading books on the subject can also be helpful. You can also just figure it out as you go. Just do it!

Just do it!

Honestly, you don’t necessarily need the steps numbered. For example, when I self-published my first book, I formatted my book before the final edit. Because of this, I had to re-format after my final edit. I spent a little more than I needed to because formatting was done twice, but in the end, I got it done! I just did it, and so can you! You can absolutely write that book. You don’t need a perfect first draft. Just do it and then worry about the next step, which is finding the perfect editor. You can absolutely start that business. Have your logo created, post it to social media, and start doing what you can to attract clients. You can absolutely get in shape. Wake up early and fit in 20 minutes of exercise. Just do it!

When you feel there is no way, know that there is always a way. There is a way to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. There is a way to obtain your goal. Yes, there may be stumbling blocks and obstacles, but these don’t last forever. There is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. There is always a rainbow after the rain. Keep searching for the answers, and you’ll eventually find them. If you want to do something with your God-given talents, just do it!


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