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My Ghostwriting Process

Many clients and potential clients are shocked to discover my ghostwriting process takes between 3-6 months on average. “That’s longer than I expected!” is the usual response I receive when presenting a proposed time frame for delivery. I’m very thorough and like to deliver the absolute best possible book, one that is mind-blowing and a page-turner.

Here is my ghostwriting process:

The first draft.

This usually takes eight weeks to create and is solely dependent upon the word count. Short reads of about 80 to 100 pages are my most popular service. The first draft is a skeleton of what is to come. Writing a book is the same as building a book. You must first lay the foundation. Next, you have to build upon that foundation. Then, the book is fleshed out. Lastly, the book is perfected. The first draft may leave you a tad disappointed. You may feel as if it isn’t complete. Remember, your book is not complete and is still writing itself every day until its release.

The second draft.

After a good, thorough edit, the book is corrected for grammar, punctuation, developmental issues, etc. This gives me a chance to focus on creativity, presentation, and creating a page-turner. I’m constantly asking myself, “How can I make this better?” I’m also asking myself, “How can I hook my reader from start to finish?” My goal is to reel the reader in from the first sentence and keep them hooked until the very last word.

The beta read.

Feedback is so important. Having beta readers read and critique the manuscript gives me an opportunity to see the book from multiple perspectives. It helps me see how the book affects its readers. It shows me the book in action. How did this affect my reader? Was my reader moved by the content? Were they satisfied with the information served, or were they left hungry for more? Was the content applicable to their own lives? This is an important step in my method and one that I find beyond valuable. I have received tons of valuable feedback from my beta readers and am thankful that they are a part of the process.

The rewrite and final touches.

The feedback received from the beta readers arms me with the tools I need to perfect the manuscript. Maybe an introduction needs to be stronger or more creative. Maybe a specific chapter would be more effective in another part of the book. Reading and re-reading daily, right up until the delivery date, gives me a chance to create a book that is nearly perfect from beginning to end. This is important, especially when one is seeking best-seller status.

In conclusion, this is the process I use when I ghostwrite for my clients. My clients have all been pleased and appreciate the time invested to bring their books’ visions to life. A thorough and well-executed book can go a long way when it comes to exemplifying your book’s potential. I hope this helps!


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