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Show Up As You!

Last October, the world celebrated Halloween. As a result, I was tempted to think about the dynamics behind this popular event. Many individuals dressed as someone else merrily went from door to door in hopes of receiving as much candy as they could before the night ended—one night dedicated to hiding behind a costume, fake hair, and false pretenses. One night dedicated to pretending to be someone else.

For many of us, Halloween takes place every day. Many individuals dress up under false pretenses and make their way to their organization of employment. They exchange their time for a stipend in order to survive. Many individuals daily bury their true self deeper and deeper within as they commit to becoming someone the world reveres rather than their true selves. Some dedicate their life to being someone they weren’t meant to be. This is the reason why many bankers exist who are writers deep within. Many secretaries exist who are truly bakers. Many salesmen exist who are really politicians. Are we to continue living dishonestly while the person within claws away desperately in the hopes of being exposed? Are we to carry on while the person within dies a slow but sure death? It’s time to unpack those dreams you placed in the box in the attic and unmask your true self for the world to see. Show up as the you that you were meant to be. Forging your own path may mean breaking glass ceilings, tearing down barriers, and exercising unlimited potential.

Here are three reasons why unmasking your true self is crucial:

It brings fulfillment.

Nothing beats genuine—a true and tangible composition of a thing. When someone is genuinely themselves, they’re attractive. Things are more relaxed when a friend is honest and sincere. The same goes for your talents and skills. You become more comfortable with yourself and life when you’re true to yourself in regard to this. It’s astoundingly momentous when one is happily showing up as not only their best self but also their true self. It’s refreshing for you and those around you.

What do others pair you with? What is that thing that you are unmistakably aligned with? When others hear of this thing, they automatically think of you, simply because you are unmistakably, undoubtingly, and undeniably the absolute best at it. Maybe you are excellent at drawing homes. Perhaps you are good at writing. Maybe you’re good at speaking passionately regarding purpose. What is that thing that you have that brings you pure satisfaction yet you’ve discounted it?

You’ll feel free.

True freedom entails the liberty to unravel one’s greatest passions, skills, and talents. Are you true to yourself? Are the actions you take daily honest? Are you writing that marvelous article, or are you filing client information while dreading the slowness of time? Are you taking those amazing photos and videography? Where are you? Are you at your dream job, or are you living a daily nightmare? I can guarantee you that a photographer is happy photographing, a writer is happy writing, and a fashion designer is happy designing clothing. Who are you, and what are you happy doing? What will guarantee your freedom?

Growth is unlimited.

The time I spent in the banking industry was filled with potential. However, I was never interested in growth because banking was never my passion. The growth potential within the bank consisted of moving from a teller position to a supervisory position. After this, the scale of growth entailed moving into a managerial position within a prominent department. These are three positions that would give me a diverse and projected capacity for growth.

What is my growth potential as a writer? Blog writing, article writing, ghostwriting, authoring, editing, screenwriting, marketing and commercials, and so much more. Once your true passion is tapped into, your growth potential is limitless. Yes, it may take some time to stabilize an income, but keep at it, be consistent, and don’t give up.

Remove the mask of deceit, and show up as the authentic version of you. Show up as the you that you were meant to be. The world contains too many people who are unhappily going through the motions just to survive. Too many of us show up as someone else. Too many writers are showing up as bankers. Too many architects are showing up as insurance agents. Too many speakers are showing up as sales clerks. Be true to yourself, and show up as the true you. Remember, a job is temporary, but a divine and purposeful completed assignment is forever. Give the world the gift of you—the real you. Unmask yourself. Show up as you!


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