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The Corporate Leg Strategy

I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine and an excellent sales strategist. Let’s call her Sylvia. Sylvia had discontinued her corporate job to pursue her true passion — sales strategy. Walking away from a stable paycheck, good benefits, and medical insurance was hard, but she finally made up her mind that she would pursue the journey of entrepreneurship and help others discover their sales potential. Within three months, she had created a logo, built a website, and was actively pursuing good, quality leads for her business. Sylvia’s strategies worked, and she helped many individuals gain sales. However, her income wasn’t as high as she had expected. She still struggled to keep up with the hefty mortgage and car payments. She had done well in her previous role and did not wish to give up her current lifestyle. Was it possible for Sylvia to increase her income? What strategy could she put in place to ensure she was able to provide comfortably for her family? The answer was in the Corporate Leg Strategy. Insurance companies, real estate organizations, and even banks would find her skill quite useful and would pay her for her value and the results she would bring.

Taking your knowledge and expertise and placing it within a proposal to be presented to a large corporation can almost guarantee you a larger volume of income. Rather than making one individual sale at $139, Sylvia can now offer a large corporation a fixed fee to train 3,000 employees in the area of sales. It is normal for corporations to pay out large contracts to individuals who can help them attain a specific goal and/or provide the solution to a particular problem. Individual sales are good, but why not provide the same service to a corporation via contract? Some contracts are single opportunities. Some are three to six months long. Some last for a year. Whether you utilize this strategy for your product, skill, or knowledge, you’ll certainly find this strategy valuable and very much worth your time. Here are four reasons why corporate contracts are valuable:

Corporations Provide Sales Volume

Let’s say Sylvia’s sales goal is fifty consultations per month at $139 per consult. That’s $6,950 she makes that month if she hits her goal. How will she make out if she offers the same service to an insurance agency? Let’s say they provide her with fifty agents to train. If she trains fifty agents at $100 per head via a one-day workshop, then she makes $5,000 in one day rather than in a month. If she offers this same service to another agency who also provides fifty agents to be trained, then she makes another $5,000. She has already nearly doubled her income goals within two days. Corporations provide the volume needed for bulk sales. They are able to facilitate the capacity needed for bulk purchasing. This is what makes corporations so amazing to work with.

Corporations Can Purchase Products in Bulk

Some time ago, a good friend of mine, Melesia Adderley, found herself disturbed by the knowledge that regular pads contain toxic, harmful chemicals that negatively affect the female reproductive system. She went on to design her very own organic pad line called Women’s Haven. She sells these products individually on her website. However, she can also be found in local stores in more than a dozen countries. This means she has sold in bulk to corporations. This too is an example of corporate sales. Products can also be used when considering corporations. Whether it’s pads, vitamins, books, or even deodorant, just to name a few, many stores need products they can sell to consumers. Why not sell to them in bulk? This also gives you more visibility and increases the success of your brand.

Corporations Have Many Problems They Need Solved

Most corporations are interested in increased sales and less hassle for their employees, their executives, and their clients. If you can provide a solution or propose a product, skill, or piece of information that addresses either of these, then there is possibly a corporate opportunity out there with your name on it. When the pandemic started and lockdowns were taking place in numerous countries, many corporations were seeking social media strategists, website developers, delivery personnel, and more to step in and revamp businesses’ strategies. These businesses faced unchartered waters. Take a large food store, for example. During the pandemic, these kinds of stores needed to embrace their social media presences and followings. They needed websites to expedite products and prices. They needed to cater to people who weren’t comfortable coming out during the pandemic. They needed to find a way for these people to purchase from the comforts of their own homes. They needed delivery personnel to step in and deliver purchased products to consumers.

The above example shows a corporate opportunity for social media strategists, website developers, and delivery personnel. These are ordinary jobs, but they provide room for a chance to work with corporations! Who would have thought, right? Brain storm ways you can be of service to a corporation.

Corporations Pay Top Dollar for Solutions

Because corporations provide large sales volumes, they are able to pay for the results you bring — not to mention, they are able to afford to pay top dollar. I should mention that they also prefer paying top dollar. To many, top dollar usually guarantees top quality. Corporations want to be the best in their industry and will make the investment. They believe in being the best. Their goal is to be the finest and unsurpassed in their industry. This is what they actively pursue. They realize that if Sylvia trains fifty of their agents to land fifty sales each per month, then their sales turnover will be nothing short of amazing. They will make the investment, because they will make their money back.

You don’t have to make one-on-one sales your only source of income. These are good, but eventually they can become draining when trying to hit a sales goal that may very well be unreasonable to achieve on your own. Yes, it may be possible, but it will leave you feeling overworked and tired. Corporate contracts provide the opportunity to hit high sales targets and possibly reach more people. Can you compare 3,000 individual consultation sales to a speaking engagement with a room filled with 3,000 corporate executives? You’ll hit your sales goal in one day if you consider the latter. Consider utilizing corporate opportunities. What problem can you solve within large corporations? Maybe you’re a farmer and can sell in bulk to local food stores. Perhaps you’ve designed a comfy clothing line and have gotten your product into Target. It could be that you’re a writer and have gotten a government contract to write speeches for political representatives. Even corporations can use this strategy. If banks did consultations at schools and colleges, then how many more accounts would be opened monthly? If real estate agencies teamed up with pastors and churches for newlywed referrals, then how many more homes would be sold? Whatever you’re an expert at or whatever your product is, there is a corporate opportunity for you. Brainstorm how you can be valuable to a corporation, write up a proposal, and make contact! Be confident about your ability, and remember, your talent is extraordinary, and you are capable and filled with potential!


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