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The Terrain of Freelancers: Everybody Wins!

The model of the workplace has completely transformed in the past decade and is far different from what it used to be. The moment I land a ghostwriting client, I get to create the first draft of the proposed book. Next, I hire an editor to perfect this draft. After this, the manuscript passes again through my hands in order to continue the perfection process. I work closely with the editor to ensure that the manuscript’s purpose is being achieved. Once this process is completed, beta readers are hired to continue giving positive feedback and helpful input. A cover designer is also hired, along with a formatting expert, graphic designer, and book trailer expert. In some cases, an ads expert is also hired for marketing purposes. A team is needed to bring the project’s vision to life. Every time I land a client, I can then support other freelancers and their businesses. It’s a puzzle of success, and everybody wins! I win, my team wins, and my clients win. This makes it a win-win-win situation!

Here are three ways the win-win-win situation is created.

I win.

I love onboarding new clients. A new client for me means a new opportunity to help another person discover their author potential. I love when a new project presents itself. I find new projects refreshing, exciting, and adventurous. I love bringing life into bold, new visions that inspire, impact, and influence. This is what I was born to do. This is me winning.

My team wins.

Whenever I onboard a new client, I’m immediately required to get a team in place for the project. Each project requires a different team. This is because no two projects are ever alike. Some projects require illustrators while others don’t. Some projects require digital cover designers while others require illustrations. Some projects require graphic designers, and some don’t. Hiring other freelancers gives me the opportunity to support other individuals and their businesses. When I win, the team that I hire also wins.

My clients win.

Purchasing an Authors in Action package is a huge step. My clients are always excited and can’t wait to see their vision come to life. This is because their product is almost always linked to a bigger picture. Whether it’s getting their book into The Ministry of Education’s school system, getting their book into large retailers like Target and Walmart, or incorporating it into their speaking platforms, they usually have an even bigger vision in mind. Their success is my success. My success is directly linked to my team’s success.

So, you see, everybody wins! When you step into your potential and deliver on your area of expertise, a winning situation is created for you as well as others. Because I help my clients discover their author potential, many are able to breathe life into their dreams, utilize their skills, and execute their talents. This goes for my team as well as my clients. Use your business to support another business. Utilize your power to fund another’s skill. Your success is sometimes tied to something far greater. This is why it is important to step out, take charge, and take action—because when it is done correctly, in the end, everybody wins!


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