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What’s Your Tagline?

“I help my clients discover their author potential through the power of self-publishing.”

This is a summary of what I do in one statement. Upon hearing this, potential customers become curious as to how they, too, can discover their author potential. Another summary I use goes, “A part of my life’s purpose lies in helping others preserve their legacy in the form of books for future generations to discover.” This summarizes what I do as a ghostwriter.

A tagline summarizes exactly what you do.

Here are some examples:

  • I help single mothers become financially independent through job alignment and career placement.

  • I bring funky, comfortable clothing to life from design to manufacturing.

  • I help women heal their reproductive systems with non-toxic pads, tampons, and oils.

  • I assist young men with finding their higher selves through coaching and guided instruction.

A tagline summarizes your business into one statement that is simplified yet still powerful enough to indulge the potential client and initiate the sale. What’s your business tagline? Which sentence summarizes what you do as an individual? How can you summarize your expertise in a way that draws in potential clients? Keep it simple. Keep it attractive. Use this to hook potential clients.

Here are three reasons why having a business tagline can be valuable:

It simplifies your expertise and makes it easier to digest.

Your tagline gives a bird’s eye view of your business’s purpose. It gives an overview of the solution you’ll solve for your clients. It tells clients what you bring to the table. It assures them of what you have to offer. Without this, it’ll take some time to piece together exactly what it is that you do. In one sentence, you can initiate a pitch and get the ball rolling by using your tagline. A tagline makes your organization’s purpose easier to chew in just one statement.

A tagline can also be used to initiate a pitch.

Usually, when potential clients hear my tagline, they become curious as to how they can discover their author potential. Sometimes, they ask, “What is self-publishing?” My tagline allows room for me to spark the interest of clients who are interested in becoming authors. It raises a sense of confidence. It gives them a feeling that becoming an author is possible.

It eliminates confusion and draws in potential clients.

The Vegetarian Butcher’s tagline, “Zero Clucks”, sums it up for me. This simply tells me there is no chicken in their chick'n patties. “Sacrifice Nothing” is another tagline The Vegetarian Butcher uses. This simply means your chicken patty and your plant-based burger will have the same great taste and texture as a regular patty or burger. It simply means what it says: you’ll sacrifice nothing. The same company uses the tagline, “It is love at first bite!” I’m immediately drawn in and want to try their product. What tagline can you use that isn’t confusing and will draw in potential clients?

A tagline gives more organization to your business. It’s amazing when a business’s purpose is summed up in one sentence. From a potential client's perspective, it feels great when everything is simple and easy to follow. As a potential client, how do you feel when navigating a business’s website, page, or platform is challenging? How do you feel when you struggle to understand exactly what it is the individual or company does? Can they really solve your problem? One simple sentence can make all the difference. Compose a short summary of what it is you do. Create your tagline, and experience the transformation!

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