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Why Goal Mapping is a Better Alternative Than a Vision Board

The notion of a map may seem strange to some, but mapping one's goals can prove valuable to the individual who is adamant in the pursuit of their goals. With only three months left in the year 2021, the fact that we’re in the last quarter is astounding. Are you prepared to end the year with a bang, or are you still struggling with specific goals and objectives despite the fact that you created a vision board in January with very little attainment in accomplishing the photo you glued to your personal board of desires? No worries. I come bearing good news: there is hope on the horizon. In addition to a collage of photos that represents your goals, why not design a strategy and action plan that allows you to conquer each goal? I like to call this “goal mapping.” Each strategy makes room for each goal to be attained within a planned time frame and gives you the opportunity to take action on each objective and achieve accomplishment.

Here are three ways you can begin to map out your goals and conquer them:

Write down each goal.

The easiest way to decipher your goals is to place them on paper. This process begins to breathe life into your goals. It is the first step to achievement and a way to organize the many thoughts one may encounter when untangling one’s goals and dreams. Organizing your thoughts creates a clear path, one that is needed for the next step of goal mapping: creating a strategy.

Create a strategic plan to achieve each goal.

You’ve written down each goal, and you’re probably wondering what comes next. How will you achieve each goal? Will one step lead you to achievement or numerous steps? Planning how you will achieve each goal is vital. This shows you that your goal is possible. Realizing and embracing the possibility of each goal can also inspire you throughout your process. This is what strategy will give you: the feeling of possibility.

Document action steps within your daily planner.

A physical book that organizes your day according to the calendar is perfect when goal mapping. A clever way to bring a dream into reality is to incorporate your strategy into your daily plans. Select appropriate dates to execute specific activities that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Integrating duties within your day planner gives an intentional and deliberate way forward when achieving your goals.

Create a to-do list.

Creating a list of tasks that needs to be completed is a refreshing way to prioritize and conquer your goals. Nothing feels better than placing a checkmark next to a completed item on a checklist. These completed tasks bring you closer to achieving your goals. Accomplishing them helps you hit the target on the mark each time and allows room for success.

Goal mapping may seem tedious, but it works! It forces you to create a strategy and provokes action. It embraces each step as it relates to your goals. Realizing that your plan requires action is the first step to successful goal mapping. This strategy is great for both long-term and short-term goals. Yes, a vision board provides daily inspiration; however, goal mapping provides an action plan and accountability to act. An action plan—one that is coherent, logical, and consistent—will help you achieve your goals. I encourage you to strategize, take action, and finish the year strong. Remember, a little progress is better than no progress at all!


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